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Chef Roland Passot – The Interview

Legendary French Chef Roland Passot was gracious enough to buy a few moments from his busy day at La Folie in San Francisco to share his story of growing up in Lyon and cutting his teeth during the rise of nouvelle cuisine in it’s birth place. There was not a dull moment in our 2 hour meeting. Enjoy!

Roland Passot Interview


The Petri Dish

I do believe that was the name of the seafood stand we stopped at in San Francisco’s fisherman’s wharf. It was not very good but it was expensive. My question is how can one enjoy, especially seafood, in this type of an environment? The aroma was somewhere between the sea and the sea of humanity, I must say I’m salivating already! There were people smoking, car exhaust, sea gulls doing their business, crying babies with runny noses in strollers and garbage cans filled with half eaten calamari being finished by the flies. Oh, and who can forget the lovely meat bees…

At this point I’m not thinking of eating but actually the process of eating from start to finish, as though I were not of the human race but was evaluating human eating habits. Needless to say my appetite was a bit non existant at this point.

Then a realization came over me. After taking 3 hours to park and walking a mile to the wharf the average human is FAMISHED and would gladly eat in the mess hall at Alcatraz. So here we are, the grottos were doing business hand over fist and I just stood there watching my wife have a shrimp cocktail all the while wishing I had not taken that food sanitation class the week before.