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Food Trucks Converge on the Capital

Just a short note to say that those that don’t think Sacramento would support the food truck invasion take note: Last Saturday- two hour waits and trucks running out of food. Flashin’ back circa 1977- ‘Breaker one-9, peddles to the metal good buddy- looks like we got ourselves a convoy. Open the gates and let’em in. ‘Nuf’ said.


Big Sacramento Food Forum Panel at The Bee

Will you BEE there?

Tweeting from tomorrow’s ‘Table Talk’




Feature in Sacramento Magazine

Well, they decided to put my ugly mug in Sacramento Magazine. They wouldn’t have done it unless we had the best meat on the planet! Preferred is proud to serve SacTown and I’m proud to be able to supply my chef clients with some of the best meat money can buy! Read the article here!

Welcoming The CITIZEN to Sacramento

Finally a high end boutique hotel comes to California’s capitol city.

The Grand Opening was FAB! Click on the CITIZEN for details-