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Seared Breast of Atkins Lamb w/Summer Vegetable Melange

After touting Atkins grass fed lamb it would be wrong not to share a technique right? This will work well with any breast of lamb, sometimes called the Denver ribs or riblet.
Here’s a link to the technique we used.


Chef Roland Passot – The Interview

Legendary French Chef Roland Passot was gracious enough to buy a few moments from his busy day at La Folie in San Francisco to share his story of growing up in Lyon and cutting his teeth during the rise of nouvelle cuisine in it’s birth place. There was not a dull moment in our 2 hour meeting. Enjoy!

Roland Passot Interview

Another Michelin Star in Yountville

What does Yountville population circa 4000 have in common with NYC circa 10,000,000? The largest concentration per city block of Michelin stars anywhere in the country. This town of around 4000 is the culinary epicenter of the Napa Valley and boasts the only 3 star restaurant on the West Coast, The French Laundry. Right down the street is Yountville’s latest starred chef in Richard Reddington and his restaurant REDD. We were able to sit down together and he told me his story.