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Interviews With The Chefs!

I write a regular Chef Interview blog for the company I work for. Here’s who we’ve interviewed recently:


Chef Mark Liberman -The Interview

Mark Liberman, a well seasoned Sacramento native, has worked in some of the top kitchens in America if not the world, for chefs like Joël Robuchon, Daniel Boulud, and Roland Passot. Chef Liberman has also competed in the semi-finals of the prestigeous Bocuse d’Or. He has curiously enough returned to Sacramento and opened his own business. What brought Mark back home and what’s his story? I was recently able to sit down with him- Here’s the scoop

Chef Roland Passot – The Interview

Legendary French Chef Roland Passot was gracious enough to buy a few moments from his busy day at La Folie in San Francisco to share his story of growing up in Lyon and cutting his teeth during the rise of nouvelle cuisine in it’s birth place. There was not a dull moment in our 2 hour meeting. Enjoy!

Roland Passot Interview

A Michelin Starred Chef Shares His Thoughts

I was excited to get to sit down with Chef Christopher Kostow at the Meadowood Resort and get his story. Here’s the interview.