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Food Trucks Converge on the Capital

Just a short note to say that those that don’t think Sacramento would support the food truck invasion take note: Last Saturday- two hour waits and trucks running out of food. Flashin’ back circa 1977- ‘Breaker one-9, peddles to the metal good buddy- looks like we got ourselves a convoy. Open the gates and let’em in. ‘Nuf’ said.


Do You YELP?

Well, I have to admit that I just started yelping. I mean not like a wounded dog, that would be highly irregular especially for an adult human. I mean writing reviews on Now I must say I have not been a fan of yelp up to this point in as much as anyone can shoot off a review whether they ‘get it’ or not. But I’ve come to see at least there is a opinion and a pulse on what people perceive as being their cup of tea. It is good to look at the credentials of who is writing the review also- what I mean is this, is the person writing the restaurant review a chef, a foodie, a restaurateur? Or are they a gym teacher or a computer analyst that would yelp: ‘The French Laundry was was too expensive and I couldn’t even get a steak and baked potato’?

That aside, you can get some really good insights and worst case scenario perhaps a chuckle. So why not try yelping? But do so responsibly because the pen can turn into a sword so careful what battles you pick and make sure criticism is well founded!  Hopefully my yelping is always in good taste seasoned with a smattering of humor and insightful,…and I’ll try and not come off like a wounded dog.

Feature in Sacramento Magazine

Well, they decided to put my ugly mug in Sacramento Magazine. They wouldn’t have done it unless we had the best meat on the planet! Preferred is proud to serve SacTown and I’m proud to be able to supply my chef clients with some of the best meat money can buy! Read the article here!

As Sustainable and Green as the Islands

The time had come around again to make my visit to the islands, bringing our farm to table products to the Hawaiian chefs. Many chefs in Hawaii are very passionate about supporting local farmers and ranchers but when they can’t get the local product they are looking for often they are hard pressed to get really good sustainable meats from smaller producers. This is where we come in. Due to Preferred’s mainland logistics many times we can have our Beeler’s pork or Martin Emigh lamb on a plane in the morning and they can serve the product that evening. I mean look, Hawaii is the next stop after the Bay Area, what’s a little water, right?  READ ON


When in Honolulu- make sure you go the Wong way

Being in Honolulu on business has its perks, driving in Honolulu is a different story, and I was about to take a Wong turn that turned out so right. Okay, enough of the play on words- as I entered Alan Wong’s, one of America’s Top 50 Restaurants and the namesake of one of the fathers of New Hawaiian Cuisine, I was about to embark on a dining experience that I had been anticipating for a long time. (It’ funny that the cooks actually wear caps that say ‘The Wong Way’ on them)

Right off the bat I must say that a cliché really was reality……READ ON


Chef Mark Liberman -The Interview

Mark Liberman, a well seasoned Sacramento native, has worked in some of the top kitchens in America if not the world, for chefs like Joël Robuchon, Daniel Boulud, and Roland Passot. Chef Liberman has also competed in the semi-finals of the prestigeous Bocuse d’Or. He has curiously enough returned to Sacramento and opened his own business. What brought Mark back home and what’s his story? I was recently able to sit down with him- Here’s the scoop

Malnutrition and Indigestion at the Same Time.

American fast food has accomplished something extremely difficult to do…….malnutrition and indigestion at the same time.

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