Do You YELP?

Well, I have to admit that I just started yelping. I mean not like a wounded dog, that would be highly irregular especially for an adult human. I mean writing reviews on Now I must say I have not been a fan of yelp up to this point in as much as anyone can shoot off a review whether they ‘get it’ or not. But I’ve come to see at least there is a opinion and a pulse on what people perceive as being their cup of tea. It is good to look at the credentials of who is writing the review also- what I mean is this, is the person writing the restaurant review a chef, a foodie, a restaurateur? Or are they a gym teacher or a computer analyst that would yelp: ‘The French Laundry was was too expensive and I couldn’t even get a steak and baked potato’?

That aside, you can get some really good insights and worst case scenario perhaps a chuckle. So why not try yelping? But do so responsibly because the pen can turn into a sword so careful what battles you pick and make sure criticism is well founded!  Hopefully my yelping is always in good taste seasoned with a smattering of humor and insightful,…and I’ll try and not come off like a wounded dog.


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  1. I used to Yelp but got turned off eventually. It now reminds me of the comment section in the Bee….not good. I guess that’s why I just started my blog.

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