Aged Gouda & Chocolate?

Well, our friend Jeremy in the cheese department at the local Nugget sampled us a very interesting combination that just transformed in the mouth. He said, ‘here, try this piece of aged Gouda’,  and then right after that he gave me a piece of good Scharffen Berger chocolate. All of a sudden the cheese transformed into deep intense caramel and it was like eating a really good caramel filled chocolate bon bon. WOW!~ He explained it was the chocolate reacting with the aged lactose in the cheese giving it that caramel flavor. AMAZING! Try it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Love the post, that is an excellent pairing. I am a total cheese fanatic, look forward to reading more posts!

    Chef D

  2. Normally i am quite a purist; but this sounds too interesting to pass up!

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