Cravanzina- a New Favorite!

This cheese is in the “paglia” family of cheeses, so named because they are aged on beds of straw (paglia = straw). Covered with a bloomy rind, the voluptuous paste is mild, creamy, buttery, and a little musty. I found this definition accurate and also educational. This cheese was so plesantly creamy and mild that I almost ate the whole wheel and then it would really have gon to waist!

Kristen Dietz, my local Nugget Mkt cheese specialist, suggested Cravanzina when I was looking for a Robiola that they were out of. Good choice Kristen! Although I thought the Robiola I had earlier was a little fuller bodied than this Cravanzina it was none the less excellent!

Here are Kristen’s notes:

Cravanzina hails from the Alta Langa, an agricultural region located near Asti in the southern Piedmont region of Italy. Named after the village of Cravana. The Alta Langa region is most famous for Barolo, Barbaresco and Asti wines, but also produces a wide variety of wonderful cheeses. Cravanzina is a round, soft-ripened brie-like cheese that is produced by hand. Made from blend of cow and sheep’s milk.(80%/20%) Cravanzina’s flavor is described as savory, while its texture is very creamy inside a thin, supple crust. It is important to eat this cheese at room temperature to enjoy it to the fullest.

It’s also important to have a nice glass of wine and crusty bread! Enjoy-





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