Coturnix Quail From Vermont- The Best I’ve Ever Eaten!


I don’t think I’ve had finer quail! This is the new product that a farm in Vermont is packing for us at Preferred Meats. Large, plump and flavorful these Japanese Coturnix quail are truly exceptional!




Here’s what I did:

I squeezed a fresh Celmentine over the tunnel boned bird and then rubbed with cumin, smoked pimenton, salt and olive oil. I filled the cavity with the orange pulp. Then I pan roasted and basted the quail.




I deglazed with a little red wine and chicken stock then finished the sauce with with a little dried fruit compote and EVOO powder.




Moist, flavorful, and you really would be stuffed if you ate two. This I think is a great value because you can get by with one in a coursed out meal.



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  2. I couldn’t think you are more right

  3. I could not think you are more right…

  4. Your precisely correct with this one…

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