Tapioca Maltodextrin- All We Are Is Dust In The Wind…

When I found out TM can turn oils and fats into ‘sand’, being of Middle Eastern descent you can imagine how excited I got! Seriously, this stuff is cool whether you view the results as ‘sand’, ‘dust’, or ‘powder’. What is tapioca maltodextrine? Watch this video and see!







Yes, the absorbing properties of this dextrose is amazing and what’s more is how it smoothly dissolves on the tongue allowing the flavors of the fats used to come through then leaving you with a slight trail of sweetness. (It is dextrose you know.)


I decided to do a little powdered ‘vinaigrette’ to accompany seared Hereford onglet and haricot vert.


I took a little canola oil and extra virgin olive oil, a dash of citric acid, salt and fresh ground pepper and worked in TM until it became creamy, then dough like in appearance, then large granules, then small powder like granules almost like wet sand. This was not wet though, it was powdery and when you put it on your tongue it got creamy and dissolved.














The TM ‘vinaigrette’ gave the dish a nice visual appeal and a good contrast to the rest of the items. It is interesting that on it’s way to powder it goes through stages of creaminess. Next time I think I’ll do a version of Bearnaise using melted butter with a reduction of tarragon vinegar and take it to the creamed stage and form quenelles to lay along side salmon or beef. I never thought tapioca could be so fun! It’s not just for pudding any more….






On a suggestion from Sacramento Chef Charlie Harrison, I purchased my TM from http://terraspice.com/







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  1. This is fun stuff indeed! Although, I have already run out!! Need to re-up my supply. I got my samples from the manufacturer “National Starch” where you can buy at wholesale costs. Might want to look into that as well! 908-685-5659 nstarch.com

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