Salmon Tournedos- Pretty In Pink

I never buy meat or poultry from the market. Why should I when I have access to farm raised, breed specific meats and poultry at work at wholesale pricing? Seafood on the other hand is not as accessible as meat to me and I rely on a few markets in my area who have a good supply of fresh fish. The first is in my opinion the crème de la crème- OTO’s Japanese Marketplace. Everything is simply pristine. I purchased a piece of Sable fish there and it was some of the finest fish I had ever eaten.

I also rely on Nugget Market in Elk Grove,CA. It is close to my home, the service is always great, and the fish is not only of good quality but it has sustainability labeling allowing you to make an informed conscientious choice.

Shaun, the meat manager had some salmon steaks on special that were very fresh. Now I don’t usually go for steaks because I prefer a fillet but the price was right and they were cut perfectly for me to fillet out into one of my favorite preparations from back in my early culinary days- salmon tournedos.


I split the steaks into sides and filleted them. I cut a wedge in the back removing the bloodline and loosening the piece forming sort of a hinge for the belly section to wrap around the fatter part of the piece.

I rubbed them with basil puree and formed the salmon slices into tournedos and secured with tooth picks. Quick dusting with flour, seared in olive oil and allowed to rest in a warm oven.






I then took some bone dry cote de ventoux rose, a little chicken broth, shallots, and salmon scrap and reduced it down by ¾, strained out and finished with some good Irish butter.








The cabbage I chose to accompany the dish was pan braised quickly with bacon and sweet peppers, and the potatoes were finish with cream cheese, chicken broth and a little half and half.




Thus the dish had the pink hues from the salmon and rose’ buerre rouge with flavors that went very well together as you had the cruciferous smoky flavors of the braised cabbage. The slightly floral and tangy buerre rouge worked well to balance the rich salmon, and the creamy potato purée which added a depth was a good foil for the rest.





I hope Molly Ringwald won’t mind but my wife said, ‘I think this dish is pretty in pink.’ I think I agree.




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