Ossau Iraty-The Lamb Rack of Cheeses

First of all I’d like to say that our friend Jeremy was out sick so Kanoah manned the cheese counter at my local Nugget Market and he picked for me what is now my current favorite cheese!










This cheese is from the Basque region of France and in my opinion is what you’d get if a wheel of Gouda married a perfectly roasted rack of lamb. OK, OK, I know you’re thinking, “What the what are you talking about?” That’s what this cheese tastes like to me. I know the guides say ‘nutty’ but to me this wasn’t nutty, it was ‘fatty/meaty’ and blew me away!


This is a sheep’s milk cheese that needs to age 90 days to develop its flavors. I cut a piece and put it in my mouth and I got a mouth feel not unlike a nice Gouda but then this slight Pecorino flavor that finished with a caramel roasted lamb fat flavor that reminded me of the flavor of the tender cap on a medium rare rack of lamb- no I thought, this can’t be what I’m getting- too good to be true! So I ate almost the entire wedge with a baguette and my wife and I did a little jig it was so good. (Well, not really- but inside we did.)







I will definitely have to get this cheese again and hope it is as good as this first time piece of Ossau Iraty. For more info on Ossau Iraty.




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  1. ok im gonna pick some up and give it a go. I will let you know how we like it!

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