Root Vegetable Stuffed Darphin Potatoes “D are FUN”!

Ah, potatoes Darphin- a fancy schmancy name for French hashbrowns are not only easy but a real tasty treat- especially if you have duck fat to fry them in! This time we used whole butter with a little olive oil, and some leftover root vegetables.


The night before I prepared a meal for some friends and had a couple parboiled skin on russets and glazed root vegetables left over. The veggies consisted of carrots, parsnips, and turnips. “What to do, what to do?” I asked my self glaring at my skillet and then it dawned on me hash browns! -or better yet potatoes Darphin filled with the root vegetables and a little shredded Gouda to help bind the filling to the potatoes and of course to add a melty yum yum goodness to the whole. (c’mon, you know what a melty yum yum goodness is don’t you? Of course you do.)



The beauty of Darphin is that its great with just duck fat or butter, potato, salt and pepper but it can be filled with a myriad ingredients- is it still technically Darphin though? Who the heck cares? It becomes a massive buttery crispy potato sandwich of whatever you want to stuff in the center and that’s gold in my book brother!


Add your fat to the pan on med low heat and put a layer of shredded spuds (I like the texture you get from the par boiled russet after it’s grated) add some cheese, your filling, then more spuds on top.








As it gets crispy and begins to heat through make sure the cake is loosened from bottom of pan, put a plate on top and flip pan over holding plate- now slide potato cake back into pan (this is less of a disaster risk than trying to flip it especially if it is large).




You can finish on med low heat or put whole pan into a 375˚ oven until crispy and cooked through. Remove from pan and allow to cool slightly.




Cut into pie type wedges and enjoy as a side dish or on its own as a light dinner with a salad and a glass of Beaujolais. This particular one was filled with cheese and root veggies so I just enjoyed it by itself with a little yogurt (sour cream’s good too).




These Darphin’s ‘D are Fun’ and super melty yum yum good!

(can you tell I have 3 kids under the age of five?)






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