Iron Chef Video Game?

OK, now I will rant some more. There is a new Iron Chef video game. (pause for reader to really think about this) A COOKING video game? From what I know, if you live in a home that can have access to electricity to plug in a TV, or if you can afford to pay for cable- then I’m a thinkin’ YOU HAVE A KITCHEN! Put down the joy stick and GET IN THERE AND COOK!

When I see a great chef at work it inspires me to create something in the kitchen, not rack up points on a video screen. Do we need to encourage our kids to sit on the sofa anymore than they do, especially to participate in something as fundemental as cooking? Hey, how about a ‘mow the lawn’ video game? granted, Iron Chef is a competition but the fundementals are those of COOKING!  If you or your kids like to watch Iron Chef how about buying the Joy of Cooking or something basic and encourage experimentation in the kitchen. This is where culinary skills begin- not on a video screen. Is any one else bugged by this? Comments please!


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