Garlic Confit

One of my favorite basic preparations with garlic cloves is to make a garlic “confit”. I add the parenthesis because a traditional confit usually means cooked and preserved in its own fat. Well, if you haven’t noticed there ain’t no chunks of fat on garlic! We’ll use a neutral oil for this preparation although olive oil works great also. I learned this when I staged at the now defunct restaurant Tulipe in Hollywood California back in the 1980’s- it has since become a very popular preparation.

I had to buy one of those big peeled containers of garlic for an event and had more than half left so this was perfect and will preserve it for some time.


Garlic Confit



 50      cloves       garlic

   2      cups          canola (or to cover)

   2      sprigs        fresh herb (of choice) — (optional)


   1      Tbl.             kosher salt

1/2      tsp.              citric acid           


Put garlic in pot and cover with cold water, and bring to a boil. Drain.

Repeat process two more times adding salt and citric acid the last time.

Drain. Add oil to pot to cover garlic,(herb may be added at this time if using),

Put on low heat and bring up to 180˚ to 200˚ for ½ hour. Remove from heat

and let garlic cool in oil. Store packed in oil in a clean container in fridge.


















Use garlic and oil as garnish for meat and vegetable dishes or as a

base for a paste or aioli. Delicious, sweet and tender!








So to end this garlic fest I must say after indulging in the stinking rose,
“Anyone got a mint?”

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by violeta shalom on November 27, 2008 at 10:05 AM

    I arrived here because one of the automatically generated posts is from Shalom – A Peace Journal.

    Great recipe, I’ll try it. Thank you

  2. both dishes look delicious!

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