Round Round Get Around I Get ‘A Round’

An American Kobe beef inside (top) round that is!

This is the American Kobe beef inside (top) round. Note the abundant
marbling for a cut that is usually very lean. Because of the Wagyu
genetics you will find this piece to be more tender than you would
expect top round to be.
I recently did a slight dry age, smoked and slow finished an inside round
and was amazed at the succulence and tenderness of a usually tougher cut.
kba_rnd_dryage_whl  kba_rnd_dryage
slow smoked KBA American Kobe inside round w/hand rubbed sumac, parsley emulsion, and sweet soy



I was absolutely blown away at how the smoking and slow finishing
caused this cut off the leg of a large bovine to be so juicy and succulent.
(Hey, the Wagyu genetics don’t hurt either!)
For more on purchasing Wagyu beef see

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