Artisan Dutch Oven Bread

Have you ever been frustrated that you could not replicate an artisan loaf of French bread at home? After years of getting satisfactory results with French bread at home and often opting out on just purchasing my round with a crunchy exterior and a well developed moist interior, I came across an episode of “The Secret Life Of…” on the Food Network where the topic was bread.





Here is the recipe for a loaf that comes close enough to keep me from opting for the trip to the bakery (most of the time…) The cool part is that it takes about 12 seconds to put together and you forget about it until the next day when you bake it off.

(Oh you may want to see the cheese portion of this blog for ideas of consumption!)



Rustic Dutch Oven Bread 

   3         cups               bread flour

     1/4    teaspoon      yeast

   1         teaspoon      salt

   1 1/2  cups               water — lukewarm


Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl, add water, stir into a loose dough, cover with plastic wrap and set on kitchen counter for 10-20 hours.


Fold dough on floured surface until a smooth ball is formed then cover with towel for 2 hours.


Heat seasoned cast iron Dutch oven in a 450′ oven until Dutch oven is hot, plop dough into pot and cover, bake for 30 min. remove cover and bake another 15. (Bread should be 210′ in center)


Remove, let rest at least 1/2 hour on a rack. Enjoy!



4 responses to this post.

  1. JP, thanks for the comment! I will give your bread recipe a try next time im feeling like a good bread and let you know what we think! Looks good! I too thought the cheese course stood out the most. Pajo~!

  2. well i’m glad you read the kobe beef story, to tell you the truth i was skeptical at first, your site is made for my soul, i lived in france for 15 years, so eating becomes an art. the bread recipie looks great

  3. Thanks for the recipe! I was wondering, doesn’t the Dutch oven need something on it so the bread won’t stick? I have a cast-iron Dutch oven with no treatment what so ever (it’s a lodge) and I was convinced I was going to have to use something on it…

    The bread looks jummy.

    All best,


  4. Beatriz,

    I spray it with a little non-stick, but my Dutch oven is really well seasoned also.

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