An Inspired Moment With Agar

Well I received my latest blog subscription from Ideas In Food and saw Alex and Aki had an article in Popular Science magazine on agar agar, the hydrocolloid derived from seaweed. I was inspired.


I made a sheet of herbed broth that I served with pan seared hanger steak and canellini beans with smoky Berkshire bacon.





Here’s the recipe for the sheet:


1 cup   chicken stock

2 Tbl   minced fines herb

1 Tbl   powdered agar agar

1 tsp    locust bean gum

            Salt to taste


Whisk agar and locust bean gum into cold stock and bring to a simmer dissolving the gums, remove from heat and whisk in herbs, season.


Place plastic wrap on a sheet pan deep enough to accommodate broth to about 1/8 inch and pour in broth. Place in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Herbed broth will set up enough to cut any size strips desired. (Note: although set sheet will still be tender so handle carefully.)


This agar bound sheet could not have been easier to put together and with a little practice hydrocolloids can become a comfortable staple in your kitchen. (and no, you won’t have to exchange your apron for a lab coat.)


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