The Rant Pt…yada yada yada- Olive Garden

Sorry, I just had to mention this restaurant chain by name. It’s amazing all these Olive Garden chefs can go to school in Tuscany and all they can come back with is variations on Alfredo sauce, Oh- excuse me and Marinara…

These commercials, ‘when you’re here you’re family’ just sweetens the mix like Budweiser trying to convice that they are artisan and only use the finest of the finest- well, I’ve had their beer and I just don’t buy it (pun.) But the world does which tells me billions of dollars worth of advertising makes an impact. If I got to spend a ton of money to tell you how great my stuff is its probably because you would not reach the same conclusion on your own after having it.

Oh, yes- back to the Olive Garden. The latest commercial is “Hey, I’d like to try something new!” Well, I’ve got just the ticket- A Chicken Breast CARBONARA! (But wait! ..or a Shrimp CARBONARA!) Made with their own special Parmesan CARBONARA sauce- no doubt the same Alfredo with bacon in it- the wheel has been reinvented! These places do business hand over fist and a part of me dies when I think that there is a little mom N’ pop Italian place that is doing the real thing in suburban America that is going out of business while America lines up like drones for the latest variation on Alfredo.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Tell me about it. I was basically bitch-slapped in Roma (Trastevere) for wondering aloud in Italian about a Carbonara. Forget the shrimp, etc…..this was all about pancetta v. face bacon…and more importantly: iron pans and charcoal/wood fires. Carbon-ara. My Italian was not quite up to it…..but no “chef” from OG has ever been closer to Italy than the food court at JFK International.

  2. Posted by Chef Keelan on November 26, 2009 at 9:31 PM

    Totally agree with you, JP…I avoid “chains” like the plague…

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