Jeremy’s Pick- Brie de Nangis

A Brie fan I am, and like Dijon mustard, true Brie comes from well…Brie, that region of France known for this style of cheese. Brie is one of the oldest produced cheeses in the world. It is reported that Emporer Charlemagne enjoyed the stuff back around 800 C.E.- my the Gaul that man had.

This sample of Brie is from the Brie commune of Nangis and Jeremy told me this is quite reflective of the style that the French typically enjoy. Well, though not French I must be ‘French’ in a typical way because enjoy I did!


My tasting notes:

Aroma: slight ammonia with the traditional brie mold scent


Flavor: Buttery with a sharp brie finish and a hint of herbal bitterness.


A bit older and this cheese would have probably given off even more complexity but it was quite enjoyable none-the-less.


More facts about this cheese at 365 Cheeses


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