Less Is More

Have you ever gone out and had a pizza or whatever and thought, ‘this might have been good if there were a little less’? Less piled on. Less mix of toppings.


When I was still a kid working at one of my first jobs, a pizza place to be certain, I used to just love a linguiça and mushroom pizza so one day I thought I’m just going to pile the toppings on and it’ll be the best pizza ever! A childish mistake! What a greasy, soggy mess it was- it then dawned on me the need for balance. (Well, I don’t know if it dawned on me then but it wasn’t very good) How about a little linguiça so there is not too much fat rendered, a few mushrooms so that when they release their moisture it evaporates in the hot oven and is not absorbed into the crust making it soggy- Aha, less is more!


This can also be applied to those monster ice cream sundaes that have 37 scoops of disjointed flavors and every sauce in the house with a jar of maraschino cherries dumped on top. At this point why not serve it in a trough and we just can bury our faces in it like little piggies. Ah, can anything beat really good Rocky Road with some whipped cream or French vanilla dipped in a crackly dark chocolate shell? Again I argue- Less is More.


Two more cases in point- I will not mention names but a number may come to mind. An endless bowl of mediocre pasta in a premade corporate sauce for $9.99 or one serving of really good housemade pasta with a well prepared sauce for about the same price. A 30 oz. hormone and antibiotic pumped sirloin steak with a bottomless ‘bag a biscuits’ or a 10 oz. breed specific steak raised in a sustainable manner that truly has depth of flavor. Less is More.


Not to put the kibosh on that big pile of ice cream that a dozen kids pile into- hey, its fun right? Everyone laughs and has a great time, and picks up each others kooties; but my point is the perception of overindulgence being a better thing, again depending on the quality of your Less, it is more often than not-More.


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