An Evaluation of Japanese Wagyu- American Style

Dated 10/09/08-


Well my chef buddy Josh and I did a mid-night evaluation of Japanese Wagyu. We prepared it two ways and then a beef flurry where we tried briefly dry aged SRF American Kobe and even some Hereford skirt steaks to analyze the differences in beef.


Chefs Josh & JP

Chefs Josh & JP- serious and ready to eat Wagyu (hey, rough job but somebody has got to do it.)

Conclusion in sports car terms:


Japanese Wagyu Rib EyeMercedes C Class AMG & Armani (power/finesse/elegance)


Briefly Dry Aged SRF American Kobe BavetteViper & Levis

(high powered performance/less finesse and more backbone)


PHB (Premium Hereford Beef) Skirts

Hemi ‘Cuda & Cowboy Boots

(raw power/ elbows on the table and in your face)


We found all excellent with of course the Japanese Wagyu having multiple layers of succulent refined richness- it filled your mouth and lingered like foie gras. Mozart anyone?


With the American style of crossing Wagyu with Angus and feeding it a Japanese based diet the Snake River Farms beef was rich yet definitely less refined, especially with the dry age edge, than it’s far east relative – none the less high end.


The Vande Rose Farms Iowa Hereford skirts were like a working class muscle car- Finesse? No. Straight up, in your face soul satisfying beef.  Here is what we had:

Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye

BMS Level at least 11

Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye

Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye


Wagyu Twice:



Seared Japanese Wagyu

w/ brown beech mushrooms, chiso

ginger macerated watermelon

+Wagyu Tartar w/ yuzu vinegar & scallion oil 

Wagyu Twice-seared & tartar




Beef 4 Times: 

Seared Japanese Wagyu

w/ brown beech mushrooms, chiso

+Wagyu Tartar w/ yuzu vinegar & scallion oil

Dry Aged SRF American Kobe

with the macerated watermelon


Grilled PHB Skirt Steak

w/ picholine olives and daikon sprouts


Beef 4 Times- Wagyu, American Wagyu, Premium Hereford


 Fabulous! But, oh my look at the time! 4:30AM ….Good night!








2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Spoon Counsellor on April 18, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    Are you sure you had Japanese Wagyu? It’s a felony to import it, and the stuff raised here must be 2 generations removed from the Japanese stock in order to be processed in a USDA-approved slaughterhouse, and at that point may no longer be called “Japanese Wagyu,” but rather “American Wagyu,” so I’m not sure what you think you ate – unless you are in Japan.

  2. My understanding was it was in fact from Japan but as you see the date it was a number of years ago. No one is raising cattle with this BMS rating in the US. Also if you look up Heartbrand you will see that the Akaushi they use were indeed brought in from Japan. Please provide me (link if possible) your information on raising and slaughtering of the Wagyu in America- we work with a number of providers that raise the cattle and I’d be interested following up.

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