Jeremy’s Pick: Hirtenkäse

Cheese of the Week

Although my business is meat I have always had a fondness and a special place in my heart for cheese, not just the eating of cheese but how it is made- what bacteria, and molds are used, the type of milk, etc… It is as complex as wine and so much fun and interesting to eat with a fascinating history- from a mild fromage blanc, to a ripe Brie, to a stinky Pont l’ Veque I love them all. I do believe that if I was not involved in the promotion of high quality meats my next pick would be cheese.

My local Nugget Market has one of the nicer cheese selections I have seen in the area and so when I met Jeremy the cheese specialist there we had a very engaging conversation. That’s when I got the Idea to do a cheese of the week and involve cheese specialist Jeremy Patin to make the pick of the week.


Jeremy’s Pick 10-1-08 (Hirtenkäse, GERMANY)

I wanted something I had never had before and so Jeremy suggested a Hirtenkäse from the German Alps. This cheese is truly artisan as it is made from milk gathered from some 250 farms with perhaps 12 cows each. It is a semi-hard cheese but I found it a little too dense with a creaminess that was kind of hard to grate like a hard cheese. Here are my notes-


  • Texture (initial): Resembles a cross somewhere between Manchego, Reggiano, and Pecorino
  • Aroma: Reggiano meets Gruyére
  • Texture (mouthfeel): reminiscent of Pecorino but with a denser creamy finish
  • Flavor: cooked caramel and straw overtones, with a nutty Parmesan like finish. 


 You can find out more about this cheese:

Fond O’ Foods

San Francisco Chronicle



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