The Rant Pt.1….

rant    1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner

                             2 : to scold vehemently



 Well, here are a few things under my culinary skin this week and although some are not worth a vehement scolding they still twerk me a bit. (note: Twerk has no Webster’s definition but we all seem to understand what it means.)


1. Taco Bell introducing new items that are merely the same old items in a different format or shape. It’s like one of my favorite routines by Jim Gaffigan on Mexican food in America- every entrée is just a different variation on tortilla, meat, beans, tomato, and cheese. They should just introduce LOOK- NEW SHAPE! Now the tortilla is folded so the edges are round…now we’ll put beans on a fried tortilla and glue a soft tortilla to it… They really should change the name to Taco Origami or Mr. Potato Head Taco- Look, the eye is where the hat was; it’s NEW! Also, what is ‘carne asada steak’? Carne asada means grilled meat, do they really have to add the word ‘steak’ to the mix- I mean especially in California? C’mon.



2. Continuing from the end of the last entry…Prime Rib of Beef with Au jus (or worse- with Au jus sauce.) “Au jus” is French for ‘with juice’, so if you say ‘with au jus’ you are saying ‘with with juice’ (or worse ‘with with juice sauce’.) Can we please stop this? No really, PLEASE? It’s ridiculous. Adding to this it’s really not Prime Rib unless you are roasting a standing rib of prime beef. If one is roasting a bone in rib that is less than prime it is in reality a standing rib roast (it stands on the bone as it roasts, thus the name)- hey nothing wrong with that and more accurate to boot.



3. Ridiculous toppings. I went into one of the make your own sundae yogurt shops the other day and was baffled at some of the toppings. Gummy bears? Has anyone tried this besides my son who we had to take to the dentist afterwards? A gummy bear at ice cream temperatures becomes a tooth filling, not to mention inedible- Ju Ju Bees on steroids for sure. I also feel that big chocolate chips are a bad idea in that they don’t melt in your mouth when they are that big and that cold- chocolate flecks are a better idea. Just because a topping is good on its own doesn’t mean it will be good as an ice cream topping- would Grape Nuts be a good topping for a hamburger? I like both, but probably not a good idea together.



I’m done ranting for now. I’d love to hear your rants…………




3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by james on November 16, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    yea , prime rib with au jus , like saying ahi tuna

  2. Posted by Mimi on November 17, 2009 at 6:05 AM

    I agree with you , it’s sad to see all the things they put on ice cream or yogurt ! ice cream is good as is , we don’t need all that to make it tasty.

  3. Build It Yourself toppings.
    So I can understand putting odd ball fruit on top of a sundae, like papaya, or kiwi, or pomegranate. Hell I can even go with freeze dried or dried fruit banana chips, apple chips. But when you get into adding water melon and/or mandarin and mixing it with fruity pepples and hershey chocolate. Sheesh one wonders why people are so blimpish in the ass these days. Move over Hindenburg, America is trying to produce the first blimp size human. Now the only trick is to make them sustain enough hydrogen to float.

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