Foie Gras & French Onion -A Wonderful Late Night Dinner

My buddy Josh Bieker and his wife Jade came over tonight for a little sumpin’ sumpin.
See that sumpin’ HERE!

Another Fabulous Finals at the Napa Valley Cooking School

We enjoyed the hard work of a fabulous finals which consisted of a coursed out meal prepared by students who were bound to externships at establishments like Gary Danko, L’Atelier Crenn, BENU, and La Toque to name a few. See Pics HERE!

Interviews With The Chefs!

I write a regular Chef Interview blog for the company I work for. Here’s who we’ve interviewed recently:

Food Trucks Converge on the Capital

Just a short note to say that those that don’t think Sacramento would support the food truck invasion take note: Last Saturday- two hour waits and trucks running out of food. Flashin’ back circa 1977- ‘Breaker one-9, peddles to the metal good buddy- looks like we got ourselves a convoy. Open the gates and let’em in. ‘Nuf’ said.

Lounge ON20 -Perhaps the most modern cuisine SacTown has ever seen

With Lounge ON20 doing a major makeover of their dining room and concept there could have been no finer choice in their leap to a hep, sophisticated, progressive image than their choice of Chef Pajo Bruich who brings with him an ingredient driven cuisine that that is both modern and intelligent yet accessible utilizing familiar ingredients in innovative ways. Lounge ON20 opens this week and hopes to be the talk of the town for some time to come!

Big Sacramento Food Forum Panel at The Bee

Will you BEE there?

Tweeting from tomorrow’s ‘Table Talk’




My Style

My Style? I love dark roasted coffee and woodfired pizzas. I love aioli, cast iron, and French onion soup. Bottles of La Chasse du Pape, charred peppers and anchoide. Crusty bread, pistou, and eggs fried in olive oil, with sumac and crushed red peppers. Pate’ campagne, pigs trotters and sweetbreads grenobloise. Pasta arabiatta, bouillabasse with rouille, and carbonara. I can totally appreciate The French Laundry but home is smoke, fire, Dutch ovens and a table you can put your elbows on.